Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Spelunker Collection - European Release Confirmed!

Exciting news for any fans of the Spelunker series. Tozai themselves have confirmed that the epic Spelunker Collection will be getting a UK (and the rest of Europe) release on Playstation Network.

Having already been released in Japan to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Spelunker, those of us in the West were left wondering if we would see the delightful cave explorer on our shores. A US release was confirmed for later in the year, but no word was given on a European release. Until now. So far no date has been confirmed, but the news that it will be coming is enough for now.

The full package contains :

Spelunker   - Atari 8-bit (1983)

Spelunker   - NES (1985)

Spelunker   - Arcade (1985)

Spelunker 2 : 23 Keys - Arcade (1985)

As well as these 4 great games in their original pixellated glory, you also get the added bonus of online leaderboards, a must for any modern score chaser. New modes are added in the form of Score attack, which tasks you with getting the best score using only one life, certainly one designed for the hardcore, and Time Attack, in which you have infinite lives but are racing against the clock. You can save your replays and upload them too, with a fantastic option to make them appear as though they were recorded on an old CRT TV.

Add to the mix flyers, artwork and brochures for the games and you really do have the definitive Spelunker Collection.

I, for one, am extremely excited about this as I love the original Spelunker NES title, as well as the arcade games and the quirky sequel. I am currently addicted to the new HD version, so this will be a great chance to continue my cave exploring addiction.

I will report any further news as soon as I hear it. For now why not join me for a multiplayer game of Spelunker HD? All you need to do is ask!