Saturday, 23 March 2013

Duck Tales Remastered coming this Summer!

Life is like a hurricane.. (sing along now!)

Oh my goodness. I am extremely excited and blissfully happy to bring you some awesome news. The NES classic, Duck Tales, has been remastered for modern consoles and will be landing this summer!

The wonderful 8-bit platformer created by Capcom in 1989 brought the feathered Disney characters to our screens and secured a place in our hearts. Fondly remembered by everyone who played it back in the day, Duck Tales (and its sequel) are exceptionally well produced platformers with gorgeous cartoon visuals, an insanely catchy chiptune soundtrack, a varied selection of stages containing many hidden secrets, and tight gameplay that is still a pleasure to play.

I heard rumours of a remake many months ago, but as nothing was set in stone I resisted the urge to get excited, afraid that my hopes would be dashed if it were never to materialise. But wonder no more as Capcom have not only confirmed the game is launching in the summer, but they have released a video trailer for all us retro platform fans to drool over. So, without further ado...

It's good to hear that the game is in the capable hands of WayForward - who did a fantastic job of rebooting A Boy & His Blob, Contra and Double Dragon. As you can see from the video, the new version features hand drawn sprites inhabiting 3D worlds. It looks stunning and really captures the spirit of the cartoon show. The memorable chiptune tracks are being remade by WayForward's Jake Kaufman - producer of the excellent Double Dragon Neon soundtrack - so it should be just as catchy and uplifting as the original NES version.

Capcom's Rey Jimenez assures fans with the following statement: "We're literally pouring our heart and soul into this title". "It's going to play just like you remember".

Let's all hope this is true as, no matter how good the new remastered aesthetics are, it is all about capturing the same wonderful gameplay that we all remember. Let's hope they don't fowl it up (sorry).

For now, why not boot up the NES original and remind yourself why this is the most exciting gaming news so far this year! Duck Tales Woo-oo!

The remastered visual style looks amazing. It's just like watching the cartoon 
show on a Saturday morning all those years ago. Ahh, memories!

Duck Tales will be landing this summer on PSN, XBLA and Wii-U. It is expected to cost $14.99, 1200 points and $15 dollars respectively.

I can't wait!