Wednesday, 2 January 2013

REVIEW - Zombie Death Quota (Xbox Indie)

Zombie Death Quota [80 points]

Zombie Death Quota is a game that exceeded my expectations by a considerable margin. The notion of another Indie zombie title was bad enough, but one set in a blocky Minecraft style world ascended it to the level of dread usually associated with a trip to the dentists. However, I was was very pleasantly surprised. 

The visuals mimic the Minecraft world, but it manages to look a lot better than most of the (many) clones out there. The zombies have a high level of detail for such blocky creations, and the weapon effects are decent, especially the flame-thrower. Gameplay also goes against the Minecraft grain by having actual objectives in the form of getting the titular quota of enemy kills, as well as obtaining a set amount of special items, before the helicopter (in fine blocky form) comes to evacuate you from the island. Each level gives you a different secondary weapon to play with, from the uzi, shotgun and rifle, to flamethrowers and grenades. Special mentions must go to the sniper rifle as it is exceptionally satisfying to kill unaware zombies from afar, and you will be sitting back collecting head shots for many fun filled minutes. 

Each level differs in layout to the previous one, though many structures and buildings stay the same, merely moving to a different part of the island. There are small huts, abandoned buildings with dark cellars, and underground cave systems to be found, and it is enjoyable to explore the reasonably large map. Some levels add heavy fog to proceedings, which is actually quite creepy and lends a small level of horror to the game. There are only two types of enemy to fight on your quest, the regular zombie and a more grotesque, skinned version who takes more damage and is much faster. It does get repetitive after about 20 minutes, so is best enjoyed in small bursts. Having said that, It's very absorbing, fun and I recommend it, even to those of you who usually hate Minecraft style games. At only 80 points, the entertainment value is extremely high.

The Good:

  • Satisfying kills
  • Fun to explore the island
  • Head shots and flamethrower are excellent

The Bad:

  • Becomes Repetitive after a while