Friday, 5 October 2012

A new blog for those of us who like our modern games 'Retro'

So, er.. Hi.. so I went ahead and made a blog about Indie and retro gaming in the mistaken belief (and shocking arrogance) that people would want to read it. Allow me to explain.

Basically I have a passion for indie and retro gaming that borders on the obscene. I love 8-bit and 16-bit games from the late 80's and early 90's, and it is great to see how many brand new games available on the PC (often for free) and the Xbox Live service go to this era for inspiration. It is uplifting to see that, in 2012, a 2D platformer made by a tiny development team can storm the charts and sell over a million units. Recent games like Dust : An Elysian Tale, Fez, and Spelunky show that there is still a huge market for games that are not in 3D, and don't feature the words Duty, Effect, FIFA, Halo, or Auto in the title.

Games players still want great games, regardless of whether they are made by a team of hundreds on a huge budget, or by one guy slaving away on his pet project for several years. It is all about gameplay. For me personally, a great looking 2D sprite based game will always appeal me more than the latest 3D blockbuster, regardless of how impressive it's graphics are.

Please read my Intro page for more about my gaming history and why I wanted to bring this blog to gamers online.

In the meantime I will begin writing and uploading the many feature articles I have in mind. The Features Page will list them as they are published, and what is to come.

I hope you enjoy reading the material on my site, and that it inspires you to get some games you may not be aware of, or take the plunge and dig deeper under the surface to find the true gaming gems that often get overlooked by all but the most devoted of indie fans.